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A Letter To Martin Luther King JR, and Rosa Parks From Inauguration Day

Dear Dr. King

Here dawns a new day, a day that dreams came through and much of our pain went away.  Martin, some years ago you shared with the world what at the time seemed an impossible dream.  Well today January 20, 2009, I am happy to write to you and let you know, Martin, your dream wasn’t so impossible after all.

Today Martin I saw with my own two eyes an amazing thing.  Visible from the very spot in Washington D.C where you gave that amazing speech “I Have a Dream”, America swore in the first black person as President of The United States of America.  I just felt goose bumps as I wrote that Martin.  I witness a black man and his wonderful family arrived at the White House doors after the traditional church service at St. Johns, and was greeted by the President he was replacing and his wife.

Barack Obama Sworn In / Oath of Office – President Obama: The Inauguration

Then sometime after this amazing man preceded by many dignitaries, some former Presidents, Vice Presidents, Secretary of States, and current Supreme Court Judges, arrived at the Capital Building looking humbled but appreciative.  Martin that man President-Elect Barack Obama walked with his head held high, you would have been moved to tears by the sight of the millions of people there to share that moment in history with him.  There were white, they were black they were yellow, they were brown.  They were local; they were from different States and different countries all there to celebrate this amazing thing.

What was truly beautiful though Martin was to see this man, our new President standing the day before in the very spot where you delivered that fulfilled speech, in celebration and reflection of the courage and sacrifices made by men and women such as yourself and Rosa; who dared to dream of a better future for our community and country as a whole.

Barack Obama Inauguration Speech (Part 1) HISTORY MOMENT

That is why with eyes damp, I whisper a pray to God thanking him for using you to spread a message of hope and promise so long ago.  It is because of those messages that the foundation of believe was built and upon that others had the courage to slowly add brick by brick until something real and significant took shape.  That structure might not be complete martin but at least now we know what it is suppose to look like.

Thank you for dreaming the impossible Martin and for laying the blue print on how to arrive and claim that which was God given, FREEDOM.  Well, it was lovely talking to you my dear friend; we miss you and wish you were here to share this amazing experience with us in person.

Love you friend,

A Proud and appreciative friend

Rosa Parks_Dec 1, 1955 achievement

To Rosa

Dear Rosa Parks,

Thought I would write a quick note to say thank you for your amazing courage and for risking your life so that we could remember that our lives had value also.  Rosa if only you could see what that amazing act of self sacrifice has lead to today.

A Memorial Tribute to Civil RIghts Activist Rosa Parks

It is too depressing to think of the outcome if you had gone to the back of that bus, where would we be as a people today?  Well Rosa that is why I am really writing, I have such wonderful news to share.  Your tremendous sacrifice started a ball rolling and it kept on rolling through the tribulations of hate and the fires of violence without pause.  And today January 20, 2009 it rolled into our Nation’s Capital all the way up to the steps of the Capital Building where the first Black President of the United States of America was sworn into office.

Barack Obama at Rosa Parks Funeral

Yes Rosa, you heard me right our first Black President Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of this great Nation we have always loved but did not always love us.  It is my pleasure to tell you that your hopes for our people are finally being realized, I will admit there is still much work to be done especially within our community; however, we keep making strives and things are getting better.

Rosa it was such an amazing thing to witness, I could not help reflecting on where we had been and how far we have come.  To think there was a time when we could not sit in the front of a bus or use the same bathrooms as whites and now here we are in a not too distant time with one of our own leading the free world.  Thank you Rosa, we love you and wish you were here with us sharing this wonderful moment.

Rest in Love

You Are My President

By LR Mays (copyrighted 2008)

Hello Mr. President

Today I stand proud and humble

Seeing the end to the means

with your rise to the Presidency of the United State of America.

I can exhale and hope to someday soon breathe

Four hundred years of pain, four hundred years of struggle,

countless souls lost

so that I could witness this day.

Have we finally arrived?

Work still remains

But we’ve finally been invited to the table

thank you Lord for this day.


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